Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Joel Gilbert: The Trayvon Hoax

I read the free Kindle sample of this, and immediately bought it.
If even half of what Gilbert writes is true, this is a bombshell.
   I initially went back and forth, but settled into the anti-Zimmerman camp pretty early on. But eventually I came to the conclusion that Zimmerman's account was more likely to be true than the prosecutor's account. But then there were all the crazy Zimmerman incidents. After them, I decided that they probably constituted better reason to think that Zimmerman was a lunatic than my reasonings constituted for thinking Trayvon was the attacker. So I sorta changed my mind back...but never really quite felt it. To some extent I just didn't want to be one of those people on the Zimmerman side.
   Though I've read a sketchy synopsis, so I kinda know where this is going, the only bits I've actually read thus far show--if true--that neither Zimmerman nor Martin was the person he was made out to be. According to what Gilbert reports, Zimmerman was a good guy, but...well...so was Martin, really. But he'd recently gone down a very bad road. Furthermore, according to Gilbert, recent events in Zimmerman's neighborhood had been a lot worse than they were made out to be--including a daylight home invasion just a few houses away. Turns out the neighborhood is only nominally "gated." Actually, it lacks a wall along one entire side.
   So I don't know whether any of this is true, but two things are sure:
1. If it IS true, it's a bombshell.
2. If it's false, it'll be easy to refute, and will be refuted very soon.
3. If it's true, there's very little chance that significant malfeasance by the media wasn't a major factor.


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