Thursday, September 05, 2019

Is Trump Intentinally Tanking The U.S. Economy (Because He Thinks He's The "Chosen One" To Confront China)?

   Any or all of this could be true so far as I know--except for the crucial part about how he's intentionally tanking the economy. That only explicitly shows up in the last paragraph, turning this more-or-less into another entry in the Trump isn't merely incompetent, nor merely bad, but evil genre. Trump actively aims to harm the country? That's ridiculous. And it's a somewhat interesting, if superficial, piece if you ignore that bit.
   As is so often the case, I have no right to an opinion on this, but prima facie I'd think that we'd be in a weaker position than the ChiComs for the same reason democracies always, in a certain respect, are: their leadership doesn't have to be very responsive to public opinion. It'd seem to be a lot easier for them to say, roughly, We're going to put up with severe short-term pain in order to gain a long-term payoff. Trump can't really afford to do that. 


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