Sunday, September 22, 2019

Impeachment Hysteria Yet Again And/Or Still

These people have lost their marbles.
How can they maintain this level of hysteria about so many different things all at once? Global warming!!!! White supremacy!!!!!!! IMPEACHMENT!!!!
   A rational person should acknowledge the information we have right now--which is basically nothing--and recognize that it sounds like prima facie cause for concern. If true. But also: that the MSM is basically the journalistic wing of the Democratic party. The left--which includes the MSM--has shrieked ITMFA!!! since the day after the election--for every reason and no reason at all. How anyone can still take this hysteria seriously is beyond me.
   There's absolutely reason to collect more information. No doubt about that. If the allegations are true, it sounds like something that--depending on the details--might very well be impeachable. So far as I know. As a non-lawyer. And that all means: you've got to have lost your marbles if you're screeching IMPEACH HIM!!! at this point.
   It's like they learned nothing from Russiagate. In fact, if you listen to people like Warren talk, it's as if she thinks that the Russiagate allegations were true. It's as if that great, conclusive, humiliating, public rebuttal never happened.
   I've got nothing against impeaching the guy. Though the really sad thing to me is that both sides can't be brought tumbling down. I sorta think our best hope is: Trump wins in 2020, then quits or gets impeached, and we're left with Pence--conservative, but sane. (The very fact that progressives flip their shit at that suggestion shows that it's not really Trump they're objecting to--it's Republicans/conservatives.) But that's basically a pipe dream.
   Can you really shriek impeachment! at the drop of a hat over and over and over again at no cost? I'm skeptical, I guess.


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