Thursday, September 05, 2019

Expert Predicts 25% Of Colleges Will Fail In The Next 20 Years

I have no particular right to an opinion about this, but I'll say that it doesn't strike me as prima facie implausible. It's hard for me to name any recent changes in universities that are for the better, whereas I can name quite a few that have been for the worse--e.g. restrictions on politically incorrect thought and speech, dumbing-down the curriculum, pervasive politicization, the ascendency of the diversity cult, movement toward a "customer service" model, administrative and para-faculty bloat, vo-techification, massive spending on amenities/luxuries, and the general crapification of the humanities and social sciences. I'm inclined to think that my own institution is selling itself by emphasizing and investing in bells and whistles, which amounts to a kind of de-emphasizing of rigor and actual education. This seems like a short-sighted strategy that I doubt can win in the long run. Eventually the actual educational payoff won't be worth the cost. But again: I don't have any particular expertise in nor insight into this sort of thing, aside from whatever one gets just by being immersed in it.


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