Saturday, September 14, 2019

Does The New Head Of The DCCC Think Men Shouldn't Run For Office?

   The real problem isn't so much this kind of occasional stupid comment. The real problem is that these are the kinds of ideas that are currently motivating the progressive left. This particular idea--preventing or impeding male candidates from running for office--may not have quite burst out into the open yet. But no one could pretend to be particularly surprised if it did. This sort of comment may as well be a "trial balloon," even though I doubt that's how it was intended. It's certainly been discussed. And it's the kind of idea that might well grip the contemporary left by next month or next year. It could be the We're gonna take your AR-15 of 2020. Or of October 2019. God knows. And that's kind of the thing: contemporary progressivism is already gripped by innumerable flat-out insane ideas. In away, the question is just: which new ones will it add in the relatively near future? Because we absolutely know there will be more. There is no chance whatsoever that it's going to stop here; no chance of some kind of dawn of sanity on the left.
   Though also: the problem isn't so much that there is a list of particular nutty ideas that have gripped the left. The problem is that some kind of general tendency of thought has come to predominate over there, and it's largely the source of the insanity. It's not like they just went around randomly picking up a bunch of harebrained ideas. It can't be random. Something about progressive thought creates or constitutes a tendency to adopt these ideas. Whatever it is, it obviously isn't good.


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