Sunday, September 08, 2019

Did Christine Blasey Ford's Laywer Say That Part Of CBF's Motivation For Her Accusation Was To Protect Roe v. Wade?

CBF was pretty obviously full of it. I happened to think, the other day, about all the Democrats running around saying that she seemed soooooo credible...when she actually seemed just the opposite. I don't really think you can glean all that much from demeanor...but hers was freaking awful. But did her lawyer recently admit that she was motivated to accuse Kavanaugh by a desire to protect Roe?
Well, what she said seems to be ambiguous, as between:
  • (a) CBF was totally telling the truth, but might not have come forward with her accusation if not for her concern about Roe
  • (b) CBF was totally making it all up, and her only motive was to protect Roe.
   Obviously (a) is the less-bizarre interpretation. Even if (b) were true, there's no way that her lawyer would say it in public. Conservatives are grasping at shadows of straws on this one.
  I mean...I do think that may have been what motivated CBF...but there's just no way that's what her lawyer was saying.


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