Sunday, September 22, 2019

Biden Illustrates Why The Dems Are Out Of The Running For 2020

This isn't so much about Biden or Warren or Bernie or Harris. This is about ideas. And the ideas that have infected/taken over the left/Dems are crazy. Bernie may be a bit crankier about them--he seems to me to have grudgingly adopted them only because that's what it will take to get elected and strike a blow for what he does care about (i.e. socialism)...while O'Rourke seems to revel in the crazy. But grudgingly or enthusiastically, they'll all push it on the country. Worse: a huge proportion of those swept into government positions with a new Blue administration will be infected by the crazy, and push it. If it were only the front man, it'd be one thing. But it's not just the front man.
   We're not talking about one or two moderately odd or experimental ideas. We're talking about something bordering on mass hysteria.


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