Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Beta O'Rourke Thinks Living Close To Work Is A Right, Wants To Micromanage The Demographics Of Your Neighborhood

The Dems are routinely saying things that are crazier than anything Trump has ever said...but since they say it with the right demeanor, and they're on the right side (of history...), it's ok. 
O'Rourke is so full of shit I can't bear to listen to him for more than the 30 seconds it usually takes to hear a new reason to revile the guy.
Compare Trump's hurricane dipshittery with Beta's bullshittery; the latter is spewing climate totalitarianism--because a th' glob'l warmin' 'n' whatnot; progressives should get to tell you that you have to build low-income housing in your neighborhood. Oh, and also, it's a right anyway. That's blatant totalitarian stupidity...but it's consistent with progressive superstition, and fuck you and your neighborhood, bigot. People have a right to live there whether they can afford it or not. So the gub'mint gets to shoehorn them in with your tax $$. Complaining is hate speech, bigot...


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