Saturday, September 14, 2019

Beta Is A Disaster For The Gun-Control Movement

Anybody who'd seriously consider that crack-brained phony THEY'RE WRONG THAT'S WHAT.
   Over the longish run, I've been ambivalent about additional gun-control measures. I suppose my view currently is: no freaking way. Not while the left is rabid, that's for sure. If/after this dies down and some semblance of sanity returns, we can think about it. But that has to be done in light of the recognition that the left does periodically go insane, and that influential sectors of the left absolutely positively will never be satisfied until they've taken our firearms. Thanks, incidentally, to Beta for making that even clearer than it used to be.
   Also, phony is kind of a cheap insult. It gets flung at almost everybody at some time or other. The right called Obama a phony, and I think that was extreme BS. I think that guy was pretty up-front about who he is. I like him--maybe you don't--but I don't see how anyone can think he isn't pretty open about who he is. But Beta's a phony. It's just true, ergo I say it. Actually, he's so lame that it may be better that he's a phony. I'm actually not sure which would be worse: being authentically Beto, or not being, but thinking that being Beto is something worth aspiring to. Yeesh. 
   And, sure, he only said that he fantasizes about taking our ARs and AKs...but c'mon. Can we not pretend that things would stop there? Handguns kill a whoooole lot more people than MSRs. And you know how the left operates. Even if they did magically take away everyone's MSRs, they'd almost immediately argue: Hey, we took away MSRs...and handguns kill lots more That's the fundamental logic of the left: always push leftwarder.


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