Sunday, September 08, 2019

Antifa Calls Daryl Davis A White Supremacist

The better angels of my nature--such as they are--rebel against this thought...but, really: antifa needs a big, fat punch in the big, fat mouth. Needless to say, I recognize that they have the same right to free speech that sane and rational people have...because that's one difference between me and them. But's tempting...
   Daryl Davis is a certified hero of mine, as I've mentioned here and there. Because the Klan is another group that triggers my punch reflex--but not Davis's. Or at least he's good at controlling it. Dude deserves mad respect. He's genuinely making he world a better place, by pulling actual white supremacy (not the made-up stuff) up by the roots. And fuck "Anti"fa totalitarians if they can't see that--as, of course, they can't. Because they're psychotic morons.
   Maybe this will help people see that the Klan and antifa are on the same side in the most important ways--the side of antiliberal authoritarian/totalitarianism. They're in agreement in the important ways--they're really just quibbling over details.
   [Oh: and don't miss that the "anti"-fascists were there to protest an event called "Ending Racism." That's just perfect.]


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