Sunday, September 15, 2019

Althouse On Reich's TDS: Dems Should Find "A Candidate Who Isn't Scarier Than Trump"

Well, that basically summarizes my current view.
Reich says Trump is terrifying and unstable and getting worse. Althouse responds that he actually seems to be calming down--which I hadn't thought of, but seems right to me. Then:
Reich's imaginationland is pretty weird. But I guess articles like this need to be written. There's a market for it. I wonder how big, though. Personally, I've never liked Trump (other than that I enjoy his humor and jolliness), but the Trumpophobes are worse — more "seriously, frighteningly, dangerously unstable." They'd do better to settle down and work on getting a Democratic Party candidate who isn't scarier than Trump.
Trump scares me because I'm not sure what he might do. The newly-progressive Dems scare me because I do know what they'll do. Trump scares me because of his personal attributes. The Dems scare me because they are religious zealots--or, rather, they're all running for chief prophet of a completely insane new religion. It's the religion--the idea--that's scary. Of course it's scary that they all some combination of actually believe it and are willing to pretend they do. But I'd bet that a lot of them would be ok if they were preaching to a different choir, in a different church.


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