Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Actual Trumpian Scumbaggery

Wow that guy's a moron.
And I mean: even aside from the scumbaggery of using the leverage of his office against a political opponent, there's the stupidity of it. Moral questions and the honor of the office aside, it's just flaming stupid.
Though, also, there's the fact that even the ordinary things he says sound virtually incoherent. I guess I've gotten used to his speech patterns or something, because it seems a lot worse when you see it written down.
Anyway, also there's the fact that the Democrats were on the verge of impeaching him for something completely made up! What did he think was going to happen if he actually did something? I mean, it's good he's so stupid or he might...I dunno…actually get away with something. This is one of those cases in which the abject idiocy of the thing somehow manages to eclipse even the wrongness of it.
But Jesus Christ. How could anybody think this was ok? The mind, it just reels.
Is this idiot watching too much Fox News? I doubt that even Fox is pushing that stuff...must be more lie reading too much Breitbart or something.
And this is all disgusting and loathsome enough...but...he couldn't wait to do some idiot thing like this until after he won? He kinda could have redeemed himself for embarrassing the country by saving us from Warren...but nooooooo….
What could be worse than a Trump administration? A Trump administration followed by an SJW Warren administration, for the love of God... What after that? A Sauron administration?
Eh well. I guess crooked and dumb is better than crooked and smart, at least.

[Though OTOH, here's how bad the press is: even Reuters lists Russiagate as a Trump administration scandal... The mind, it reels...]


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