Sunday, July 28, 2019

Wikipedia Leftward Bias: "Politicization of Science" Entry

Notice anything about this entry?
   Wikipedia leans hard to the left just about wherever it touches on contemporary culture-war stuff. Conventional wisdom among dissidents is that it's dominated by editors who are quasi-religious left-wing zealots, and who use every trick of the rules to keep the thing leaning has hard left as possible. Thing is, it's supposed to be governed by the "NPOV" ideal--i.e. neutral point-of-view...
   Incidentally, Media Bias / Fact-Check...which I was optimistic about for awhile...rates it Least Biased...which is pretty absurd. MB/FC itself exhibits a clear leftward bias, IMO...which is fairly common among the prominent fact-checkers... This is a problem the non-left has long faced: the allegedly neutral arbiters lean left. Thus the non-left finds itself constantly whining about the refs. (Some of that is intentional "working" of the refs...but not all). MB/FC lists Snopes as least-biased, too...which, IMO, cased to be plausible some years back...
   But, then, I'm on the warpath (!) about such consider the source...


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