Monday, July 29, 2019

"Vote For Trump And You Are A Racist"

Joe Lockhart, everybody!
   Go f*ck yourself, Joe.
   The alternative to Trump in 2020 looks like it's going to be a party that has abandoned its centrist orientation and completely lost its god. damned. mind. Oh and: that is advocating more than one policy with a significant probability of actually wrecking the country. Oh and: that shrieks racism! at the drop of a hat--partially as a cynical rhetorical strategy, and partially because it's lost its god. damned. mind.  (See above.)
   I'm extremely unlikely to vote for the guy--but you're nuts if you think everyone who does so is racist--especially under the prevailing conditions. I'm very unlikely to vote for the Dems, too--obviously that's also racist. You jackass.
   It's the Dems that have made Trump a viable option. He should have been back on reality t.v. by December of 2016...but noooo… He should have no Earthly freaking chance to win in 2020...but the Dems are stampeding over each other to advocate ever-more-insane policies. Oh, and: to call half the country racist every time they have the temerity to be alarmed by the Democrats' unhinged extremism.


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