Saturday, July 27, 2019

Trump Signs Safe Third Country Agreement With Guatamala

This is really good news--good for us, and good for legitimate asylum-seekers.
   One has to wonder why this wasn't done before.
This gives us another very clean test case--if Democrats and progressives object to it, that's additional evidence that they have some aim in mind beyond helping asylum-seekers. I mean--we already know they do. But it's still worth attending to their reactions.
   And, needless to say, by taking some of the pressure off of our own system, we should be able to detain illegal-entrants under better conditions, and sort out their cases more quickly.
   This is another coup for Trump...well...things being what they are, perhaps I should find a different locution... Sometimes things get in such a tangle that even outsiders with less knowledge/expertise, but unburdened and unblinded by the peculiarities and stupidities of the status quo, are better at untangling them than members of that status quo. That seems to be what's happened with Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education, to cite another example.


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