Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Trump Exhaustion Syndrome + It's Racist That Baltimore Sucks

Relevant background fact: Baltimore is, largely and basically, a third-world train wreck.
Everybody, for years: Jesus Christ, Baltimore, amirite?
E. Cummings + Progressives: RAAAAACISM!!!!!1111ONEONEONE
Trump: No, you

   Trump is like a rabid/dyspeptic dog-baby, tweeting whatever half-baked, half-digested nonsense he heard on Fox news. Probably while on the can. Progressives are a quasi-religious, apocalyptic cult. Their analog of original sin is racism/"white privilege," their apocalypse is global warming (actually, a rotating list of environmental disasters, always ten-years-or-so away). They seem intent on implementing every terrible idea that has cropped up on the left in the last decade or so.
   Sometimes Trump hits squarely on important truths that others won't address head-on...but not at a rate appreciably above that predicted by chance. Now he's making the cultists look like viable options...
   You may have noticed, but this is no way to run a damn country.


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