Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"The Horrific Untold Story Of 'Trans' Detention" / "The Horrors Of ICE's 'Trans' Pod"

This isn't about what it says it's about. It's really about how bad things were for "Luz" in Honduras. Luz is a man who represents himself as if he were a woman. He was shot by gangs in Honduras, and allegedly imprisoned for representing himself as a woman. He claims that gangs threatened to kill him because he would not work for them. He came to the U.S. apparently claiming asylum...though he does not seem to have considered going to El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, nor any countries to the south. Nothing indicates that ICE's "trans" pod is a horror.
   Since I don't think men should be persecuted nor prosecuted for dressing in ways traditionally reserved for women, it seems to me--non-lawyer that I am--that Luz may have a case for asylum. He is not, of course, a woman. But if we consider asylum claims from people who simply have non-standard modes of self-representation, then, by all means, we should consider this one. If not, not. One could, as I've said many times, characterize this sort of thing as a case of sex discrimination, given that Luz is allegedly being mistreated for dressing and acting in ways that would be permissible were he a woman.
   As usual, the error here is to see this phenomenon--which can be represented very clearly, as I have represented it above--through the distorting lens of transgender mythology.


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