Thursday, July 18, 2019

Racism and UnAmericanism, Overt and Hypothetical

The left's racism is overt: White men suck and whatnot. The mainstream right's alleged racism is mainly hypothetical--with the left doing the hypothesizing. Opposing open borders is racist because...hypothesis: anyone who does oppose them does so because they don't like nonwhites. (Actually, it's worse than that: it may just be a definition: roughly 1/3 of Democrats say (according to one poll I just read but don't feel like looking up) that any criticism of nonwhites' political positions by whites is racist...) The left just comes out and says racist shit about whites--and they praise each other for it. The mainstream right doesn't do that. Their alleged racism is always attributed to them by the left, on the basis of hypothetical beliefs that hypothetically motivate their positions. And, of course: it's not possible to disagree with the left rationally and on principle. It's always racism or some analog of racism.
   With respect to unAmericanism in the news, the situation is roughly flipped: that AOC et al. are un- or anti-American is a hypothesis, based on their frequent, often nutty criticisms of the U.S. OTOH, the unAmericanism of Trumpistas chanting "send her back" (of Omar, who is from Somalia) is overtly unAmerican. No hypothesizing is required. It's all right there, right on the damn table. It's not possible not to just see it.


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