Tuesday, July 16, 2019

PC Totalitarianism Now A Bit More Total: Merriam-Webster: Hey, Don't Listen To Us About Word Meanings...What Do WE Know?

So here we have a dictionary basically saying that its definitions can't be trusted if people--and let's be honest...it means conservative/liberal/non-progressive people--deploy them against progressive positions.
The litany of moronic arguments they give is astonishing even to me...and I've seen some shit, man... Here are the arguments, slightly modified for clarity, with the suppressed conclusion stated explicitly at the end:
  • Dictionaries can't settle arguments about the meanings of words
  • Lexicographers can only tell us what words mean
  • They can't tell us how some people may feel about their meanings
  • Using facts about meanings may not convince irrational people
  •  [Therefore: conservative arguments from word meanings are unsound]
So Britt Hume (who I don't care for, in case that matters to you) p0wns some progressives by pointing out that the shit they keep calling 'racism' is not actually racism; and he shows this by simply posting the actual definition of racism--which is the same as the ordinary, common-sense view of racism. Merriam-Webster has no stake in this argument; but, because the Gleichschaltung mobilizes every part of the cultural superstructure against thoughtcrime, factcrime, and wordcrime, it sticks its oar in...basically saying Hey, when it comes to word meanings, don't listen to us! We're just Merriam-Webster dictionary...what do we know? The point is, in fact: All we can tell you is what words actually mean...but what's important are the feelings of leftists! Don't let scientific lexicography get in the way of political correctness! So what if 'dog' means dog and 'tree' means tree?...feelz > reelz #WokeWords #FactsAreFascist #GaslightingFTW
Thing is, many of their points are true--e.g. dictionaries can only tell you what words actually mean in the language...they can't tell you how Susie Snowflake feeels about them. And there is, of course, no guarantee that you can persuade someone to use words correctly merely by proving to them what the correct usage is. What's really messed up about the M-W "tweet" (curses be upon Twitter for all time etc. etc.) is that the tone of the thing shows that they think they are scoring against Hume--when, in fact, they do no such thing. Despite their anti-Hume tone, what they tweet basically comes down to: He's right, but fat lot o' good it'll do him against the moonbats...
For you youngsters out there, I say again: liberals used to be the more reasonable ones. The crazification of the left is something that happened slowly--then quickly--over the past ten-ish years. The last five-ish years in particular have seen the American left completely lose its mind. It was not always thus...


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