Monday, July 22, 2019

Nadler: "Very Substantial Evidence" Trump is Gulity of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors"

CNN link so, well, you know...
   Impeach him, then. If it's true, he should be impeached. And convicted. I'm all for it. I used to think it was inevitable when I was afflicted by TDS. Now I think it's unlikely--but I've got an open mind. One thing that's clear: Dems asserting that Trump is guilty of something is utterly worthless a an indicator of his guilt. Progressives saying Trump is guilty of x is as hollow and epistemically worthless as their saying x is racist (*ist, *phobic...). It's kind of pathetic that they're still clinging pathetically to the whole Mueller thing...but predictable, I guess.
   On one side: the loud-mouthed, entirely unqualified, intermittently unamerican, possibly bigoted, narcissistic con man and sometime sexual assailant. On the other, the remnants of a once-respectable party, now gripped by loopy extremism and a cultish obsession with the dumbest ideas produced by the most ridiculous and intellectually weakest sectors of activist academia over the past thirty-odd years...
Goddamn it, America.


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