Sunday, July 28, 2019

Judge Throws Out Nick Sandman's Case Against The Washington Post

   Legal eagles have said all along that this was a bit of a long shot. The progressive left and their media confederates were 100% in the wrong on this story, 100% of the time, from beginning to end. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the WaPo is prosecutable.
   To recap: progressives took a short and obviously heavily-edited video of a man beating  drum in Sandman's face (Sandman was 13, and much smaller than Nathan Phillips, the drum-beater). Even from that video, it was evident that Sandman wasn't the aggressor. Progressives all across the web lost their minds. As is their wont, they "saw" things that simply weren't there, convicted Sandman of the unforgivable sin of "smirking" (actually: smiling) near a "POC," heaped scorn and insults on him, encouraged colleges to refuse to admit him, expressed their hopes that he would suffer misfortune, and called for violence against him (wanting to "punch" his "white," "privileged," "smirking" face appeared in various forms). As clear evidence emerged that this was all utter madness based on lies, leftists simply refused to acknowledge--or refused to believe--their error. Major news organizations, including the Washington Post, went right along with the progressive e-mob, tailoring their coverage so as to accept the leftist fairytale. WaPo isn't responsible for its comments section...but the comments were, unsurprisingly, about an order of magnitude more unhinged than its actual coverage. (For those of us who often take refuge in the belief that the average progressive in the street is saner than the vanguard, comments sections are often particularly disheartening...) When it was no longer possible to pretend that they had been even vaguely right, the WaPo finally issued a tepid, grudging, hand-wavy acknowledgment.
   I say this is one of the more illustrative little snapshots of the unhinged contemporary left. We see this sort of thing writ big and writ small, sometimes taking years to play out (as with Russiagate), sometimes unfolding so quickly that all the facts are right in front of us (as with the Covington kids). Over and over and over the progressive left displays its capacity for political correctness--accepting politically-driven delusion over plain evidence and hard facts.
   Politics has the capacity to make people crazy. Everyone is susceptible, including, of course, both our left and our right. For most of my life, I've thought that the right was more afflicted by it. But both times in my life that the left has rocketed to ascendance, their capacity for self-delusion has utterly eclipsed that of the right--other than the specifically religious right, IMO. It's no accident that "political correctness" is a term specifically intended to describe a phenomenon of the left. (The term was allegedly coined by less-rabid leftists to capture the madness of more-rabid ones.) This phenomenon is particularly stark on that end of the spectrum; their capacity for the subordination of evidence to dogma is particularly striking/alarming.
   Blah, blah, blah.


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