Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Is Trump Arousing / Directing A "Dark Psychic Force Of...Collectivized Hatred"

A little bit, probably. 
Mostly not.
   I'm inclined to think that there's a big group of people in the country that our elitist/progressive cultural overlords believe to be stupid, bad, repulsive, worthless and just generally defective--the basket of deplorables. Some people are stupid, bad, etc. etc. So some of these people probably are those things. But not all--not nearly all. Most of the "deplorables" are probably good people--though there are, of course, degrees of goodness. For example, there are actual white supremacists out there--they're probably fed up, and tired of being regarded as shit, too...but screw 'em. Nobody feels bad for those guys... But there are a lot of perfectly good people out there in the basket o' deplorables. Many are rural, white, blue-collar, high-school-educated, religious, conservative...and they know damn good and well that they are regarded with contempt by progressive elites, who regard them as stupid, ignorant rubes afflicted by racism and every other such defect. 
   Trump is doing and saying things that  are likely attracting the attention of both the good and bad "deplorables." I suppose the David Dukes of the world are taking heed. But so are perfectly reasonable people who are just fed up with progressive insanity and contempt for them. They're tired of progressives--who are often not smart, knowledgeable, not good, and afflicted by cultish political madness--looking down on them and telling them that they're stupid bigots who are unqualified to have a voice in the direction of the country. I mean, look, there's me. I've leaned decidedly liberal all my life, I'm one of the (lower-tier! Ergo contemptable.) elites myself...and I can't freaking stand that progressive combination of crackpottery and contemptuousness.
   Trump is doing and saying things. And those things resonate with lots of different people, some of them good and some of them bad. Just as progressives and progressivism do. Progressivism is not good, any more than conservatism is bad. They've each got their points, and they've each got their problems. Even liberal centrism--the One True Political Faith--ehhh...probably gets a few things wrong here and there... Progressivism is a train wreck. Lots of the deplorables--stupid and ignorant and unworthy though they are--see that. Progressivism is both wrong and contemptuous of the rest of us--that's about the most irritating combination possible. Lots of people are stirred up against them, and Trump is basically the spokesman for anti-progressive stirred-upedness. He's the spokesman for many good people and for many bad people. Just like, say, AOC or Michael Moore.
   But progressives are progressives. They're progressives because they think progressivism is right. They're particularly poorly-positioned to recognize the failings of progressivism--as we're all poorly-positioned to recognize the failings of our own views. One of their failings is that they see racism behind every bush, radically overestimating the amount of it in the country. Also: attributing it--and other modes of prejudice--to basically everyone who opposes them. They're just wrong about that. And people get really f*cking tired of people who say false shit all the time--especially when that false shit involves false accusations of prejudice against them. Progressives are telling Joe Sixpack that men can be woman (and he's a bigot for disagreeing), and there's racism and "white privilege" everywhere (and he's a bigot for disagreeing (and, hell, he's just a bigot)), and that it's just dandy for massive numbers of illegal aliens to pour over the border (and he's a bigot for disagreeing), and he needs to give up his hard-earned private health insurance (and he's an idiot for disagreeing), and men and masculinity are "toxic" (and he's a sexist for disagreeing)...and on and on and on. 
   None of this stuff is even vaguely plausible. You're perfectly within your rights to advocate nutty sounding things--but you're not within your rights to advocate nutty-sounding things and then accuse people of being evil for recognizing that they sound nutty. So probably aren't true. Undoubtedly progressives are right about some things. But the more radical something is, the less likely it is to be right. So it's pretty unlikely that they're right about much of it. 
   Unlike most "Fredocons," "cuckservatives," and related types, Trump has actually stood up to progressive nuttiness. And lots of people good and bad respect that--even those who can't stand him personally, and think he's a disaster. I couldn't agree more that we need someone to stand up against out-of-control, hard-left progressivism...I just wish the disease weren't approximately as bad as the cure. I wish it were Mittens or McCain or Thomas Sowell. I really wish it were Barack Obama...because I know he knows what's what. I can't believe he thinks this shit is alright... But it isn't. It's a loud-mothed, narcissistic con man and sometime sexual assailant with a Twitter addiction. He's a catastrophe...but so's the progressive left. I kind of do think he is arousing a "dark psychic force of collectivized hatred" some extent. But that's not mostly what he's doing. Mostly what he's doing is assholishly opposing a cracked and dangerous political doctrine that puts the country in real peril. Unfortunately, he does it in a way that tends to--inter alia--stir up bad people and bad feelings. And he's so erratic that he could end up being worse. Rather like contemporary leftist progressives have stirred up Antifa and various other crackpots, totalitarians, anti-white racists, anti-male sexists, and whatnot...
   Anyway: Trump's a wreck. So help us get rid of him. Nominate a centrist; we'll vote for him (or her).


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