Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dems Purge Staffers From DCCC For Being White

This is actually good in a way.
It's a kind of a little test case.
If progressives are right, then we'd expect the DCCC to improve as a result--the white staffers were hired because they got unfair advantages over equally/more well-qualified nonwhite candidates.
If conservatives are right, then we'd, instead, expect the DCCC to...uh...what's a word for anti-improve? Am I just blanking on something obvious? Anyway: to anti-improve, because this is just "reverse" racism (i.e.: racism). Instead of taking the best available people for the job, they're taking the best available people who also have preferred skin colors. So we'd expect them to take less-good people, on average.
So: let the battle of the theories begin!


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