Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Democratic Debate

[Update 1: It's not getting any better.]
[Update 2: There is no chance in hell that I'll ever vote for Robert Francis O'Rourke]
[Update 3: Reparations...here we go...]
[Update 4: Whelp, that's it for Tim Ryan--"Donald Trump was onto something..." He'll never live that down with the blue team.]
[Update 5: Eh...I still kinda like Bernie.]
[Update 6: Does Marianne Williamson want government-funded yoga classes?]
[Update 7: Hickenlooper is too normal and reasonable to survive in this field.]
[Update 8: Buttigeig too. Too green, but seems eminently sane.]
[Update 9: Hickenlooper making sense again. Doomed.]
[Update 10: Bullock on nukes: huh?  Update 10.1: Huh????]
[Update 11: Buttigeig: "Naked racism." Eh, so much for that guy.]
[Update 12: Hickenlooper: (a) I beat the NRA; (b) I'm as progressive as anybody on this stage. Eh. Crap. Also: isn't that high-cap mag ban about to be overturned?]
[Update 13: I really kinda like Klobuchar. I guess she's supposed to be a psycho, but, y'know, aside from that...]
[Update 14: Robert Francis O'Rourke speaks in a phony voice with occasional phony affectations/inflections.]
[Update 15: Warren: we should be "the party of big, structural change." That should make your blood run cold.]
[Update 16: Bernie lists the *isms. Whelp, that's too bad.]
[Final update: I'd better just check out until after the primaries. This stuff isn't making me any more well-disposed toward the blue team. Less crazy than last time, though...unless I missed something at the beginning.]


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