Thursday, July 18, 2019

CNN's "Trump = Racist" Propaganda Backfires

How long can the left's lunatic obsession with racism last?
   The hypothesis that Trump's a racist is exactly that--a hypothesis. It's sustained largely by (a) the left's obsession, and (b) distorting the things he actually says. It's not the most ridiculous hypothesis I've ever heard--but it's not the most plausible one, either. There are all sorts of nonwhite people that Trump's fine with. He apparently dated a black woman for something like two years--not what one would predict from a racist...though, of course, part of the left's self-sealing lunacy is that nothing that counts against the charge of racism is permitted into evidence. In fact, it's part of leftier doctrine that one is obligated to acquiesce to any accusation of racism; denying you're a racist is exactly the sort of thing a racist would do, racist. And heaven help anyone who says anything like "some of my best friends are nonwhite." That's basically proof that you're racist! Even if some of your best friends are nonwhite? So...that doesn't count against the accusation at all? If your wife is nonwhite? Your kids? If you are nonwhite? Does anything count as evidence against an accusation of racism? Again: one view on the left is: no.
   Consider the case of AOC et al.--the ridiculously-named "squad" (sometimes said to be short for "circular firing squad"...which would be non-ridiculous, if true). Trump didn't pick out four people and group them together. They showed up on the scene as a group. If he'd picked out four people to criticize, and they were all nonwhite women, that would be some support for the hypothesis. But he didn't. Furthermore, there are plenty of reasons for Trump--and even for a normal person--to criticize this group. They're daftly progressive. It's not as if they're walking along being perfectly reasonable, and Trump just started criticizing them for no apparently reason. Just four ordinary centrists, makind their own business...when suddenly... Again, were that so, there'd be grounds for suspicion. But when there's a group of lame, hyper-progressive Congressbeings who criticize everything right of the very far left...and who have drawn the ire of many conservatives...there's simply not much room for the racism hypothesis to do any work. Trump criticizes everybody, especially Democrats and progressives. These Congresswomen are the most prominent and most progressive group of Dems right now. They criticize him and his policies and the country more-or-less is the racism hypothesis required to explain why he criticizes them? There's nothing mysterious or unexplained about his criticism. Unless you see racists behind every bush...
   Furthermore, when everyone who criticizes them in any way gets called a racist--and that includes Nancy Pelosi--then there's already plenty of reason to discount such accusations.
   Trump's got a lot of faults. And the whole chant thing deserves serious criticism. But it deserves serious criticism--not some boilerplate accusation of racism.


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