Monday, July 29, 2019

Brett Easton Ellis: What Really Triggers People About Trump?

   I disagree with Ellis very much. I think that the fact that Trump is president is basically horrifying, for reasons I've stated many times. Personally, he's an embarrassment to the country and he demeans the office. Just for starters.
   The other side has largely lost its collective mind--such as it is. And that happened pretty much independently of Trump. They'd already gone over the edge. Then Trump, like, built another edge and then shoved them over that one, too. Or they took a look at him and leaped off. I think even rational people should be basically disgusted that he's the POTUS. All the stuff that he botches is extremely important. He's something like a representative of the spirit of the nation. Saints preserve us.
   But very many of his policies are pretty good--and, crucially, much, much better than what we should expect from the current blue team. So IMO it's rational to hang on, hold your nose, and hope for the best. 
   Contra Ellis, I categorically reject the idea that anti-Trumpism is purely esthetic. 


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