Monday, July 22, 2019

"'Apologize To America' Trump Tells Four Democratic Congresswomen"

He just can't stop digging.
If anybody owes us an apology, it's that [expletive deleted].
I disagree with the Congresswomen. That's life in the big democracy; disagreement is part of the deal. And I mean I think they are often irresponsibly, stupidly wrong. But this Trump bullshit is out of hand. 
And: did he really say that they owe Israel an apology, too? When did we start having to apologize to other countries?
I don't suppose there's any hope that his bone spurs will prevent him from serving out the second term that the Dems are trying to force on him, eh? I'd take a Pence presidency in a heartbeat (bill) at this point... Or, well...maybe not in a heartbeat...but...I'd take it. 
I don't see how the Dems are leaving themselves anything close to sufficient room to move back anywhere near the center in the general. But I guess that's our best hope right now. Thing is, even if a centrist Dem swept in and won, the crazy is woven through that whole side now. The Pubs' current crazy is at least concentrated at the top. When Trump goes, the Pubs should largely recover, reverting to their normal state of comparatively low-grade nuttiness. I don't know what can save the Dems at this point. They're gripped by a cultish secular religion--it seems to get worse, not better, as you move farther down the chain toward the grass roots. 
Seems to me like we're pretty much screwed.


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