Thursday, July 11, 2019

AOC Accuses Pelosi Of Racism, Refuses To Admit She's Accusing Her Of Racism

TEH RACISM!!!111 is basically the only argument progressives have anymore. And this AOC BS is basically par for the course. It's actually great that they're turning their bullshit against the relatively moderate left. The only way PC was shoved back under its rock last time was that it lost the support of liberals.
   Apparently the Blue Dogs put out a memo calling AOC on her bullshit, but I haven't found the text of it yet.
   There's still time for the Dems to get their shit back between the ditches in time for the general election campaign. They're unlikely to do so...but it's not impossible. As it stands, they're collectively way loonier than Trump--something that a priori I would have thought impossible. But it's still possible for the adults to take back control of the party.


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