Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Antiwhite Racism On The Left?

This is pretty close to overt antiwhite racism. There are ways to dodge the charge...but it's not all that easy. What this woman says is much closer to being overtly racist than what Trump said. What Trump said isn't overtly racist, but requires a hypothesis about his attitudes to support the charge; and that requires a hypothesis about his counterfactual actions. What this woman says is damn close to being overtly racist, and requires a bunch of fairly heavy-duty supplementary premises--working hard to the point of overheating--to make it otherwise. (And her attitudes aren't that unusual among leftier progressives, seems to me.)
   Of course Trump matters more because he's--sigh--the President of the United States... But that's been one of my points all along. The real problem here is that the POTUS has to be crystal clear about not being racist, and has to do so at every point. Maybe progressives wouldn't stretch so hard to pretend that he's obviously racist if they realized that that's not what they need to prove in order to prove that he sucks and shouldn't be president.
   I've noted repeatedly that many progressives are right up front with their antiwhite racism. It's weird because they commonly spin the claims of nonprogressives at 10,000 rpm to make them appear racist...when their own racism is right there, right on the surface, requiring no spinning or hypothesizing--see, e.g., the Sarah Jeong affair. But, of course, they try to deflect this problem by using one of their favorite expedients: simply defining the problem away. It's definitionally impossible to be racist against whites! LOL. It couldn't be more predictable that there is a backlash against such nonsense. But that, too, proves that whites are racist! And on and on...
   And, again: it wasn't always so. There was a time when we had liberals, and the majority of their efforts against racism didn't involve hyperbolic overreactions, hate-crime hoaxes, frantic spinning, hypothesizing, reinterpreting and redefining.
   Not that Trump didn't bring this on himself, because he totally did, of course.


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