Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sarah Hoyt: "We Are Dancing On A Powder Keg"

via Instapundit
I agree a lot with this, except for the "flight 93 election" business. That is to say: I don't think we are "dancing on a powder-keg." I don't think that the antiliberal left is in danger of immediately destroying the country. Rather, I think they're taking us, faster and faster, down a road that is (a) partially known to be very bad, and (b) partially unknown. We're not likely to go off a cliff...not anytime soon, anyway. But we know it's a bad route, and we know that it's largely untested. And that if we go much farther, turning around isn't going to be easy. It's a very bad and very dangerous route...which might still be worth exploring...someday...with due caution...but we know that the guys who want the wheel have flipped their shit over the past couple of years. And if/when they take control again, they're going to barrel down this bad and dangerous road with no turn-arounds. And they're going to do it even faster this time. I mean...they read the right books, and they have the right manners...but the things they're actually saying and doing are nuts...
So that's...well...basically a powder-keg...but a little different...
So--though I didn't see it at the time myself--I certainly understand how, under these conditions, rational people might very well elect to let the boorish, erratic, sketchy, narcissistic con-man with the too-long tie and the Big Mac in one hand grab the wheel. He may put us in a ditch through erratic incompetence...but at least he's yelling that he's going to turn this #$%*ing thing around and head back to the well-paved roads. It's clear he's not going to do it optimally...and he may go too far...and you wouldn't want your daughter to marry him...but, hell, he seems less crazy than the only available alternative...


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