Monday, May 20, 2019

PC Calvinball: Clothing Company Apologizes For Straight Female Model Making Out With Pseudo-Female Robot

Ridiculing the PC/SJ left really just amounts to reporting on them.
So...apparently the idea is that it was wrong for a straight, female model to make out with a robot that looks female? Because...only non-straight models should be allowed to make out with robots that (falsely) appear to be the same sex as the maker-outer? Or...perhaps straights (straighties? The straights? Straight Americans?) are permitted to make out (or appear to make out? Is it actual making out? I have to say, I'm not sure...) with same-sex-appearing robots...but it's impermissible to represent the act? Or impermissible for money to change hands? Maybe the idea is that it's wrong for the company to hire--or pay--a straight person to do such a thing. (Though I read somewhere that, in 'Merica, homosexuals were, on average, wealthier than that matter, if true? Or maybe it's just homosexual men? I don't know.) Is the idea that only non-heterosexuals can portray non-heterosexuals? But if Smith makes out with robot that vaguely appears to be the same sex as Smith--but in fact, of course, has no sex--is Smith being portrayed as non-heterosexual? I mean, if the apparent sex of the robot matters, is the model straight anymore? I mean, she made out with a pseudo-female robot... So maybe she's non-heterosexual now. And why isn't anyone asking whether the model is robosexual? Should non-robosexuals be able to make out with robots? Shouldn't they have to hire a robosexual American for such a role? And why is no one asking whether the robot gave consent? But if robots can't give consent, wouldn't to insist on consent be to deny sex to robots? That doesn't sound very social-justicey.
   My guess: the company just made this shit up because nobody cared about their commercial. But, of course, this kind of crackpot complaint would be more-or-less par for the course for the social justice left.
   Why, back in my day, the idea was to consider de-emphasizing such classifications. I mean, heterosexuality and homosexuality are things, but why elevate them to principles? If you take the sensible ideas of liberalism and completely f*ck them up so that they're stupid and crazy, you get the contemporary left.
   Oh, and, incidentally, the thing didn't even say that the model is heterosexual; it said that she "identifies" as such. But "identification" has nothing at all to do with what someone really is; as the term is used on the left, to "identify" as F is simply to say that you're F. So, even by the standards of the left, there's no evidence that they have any right to get their petticoats in riot. We don't know what the model's sexual preferences are--all we know is what she says they are. And, of course: what they really are is none of anyone's business, anyway. 
   Oh and also: who says that a person's preferences with respect to humans should indicate their preferences with respect to robots? Maybe you can be human-straight and robo-...not straight.
   Or maybe anyone who seriously worries about this sort of thing's an idiot...
   Oh and: the only really "offensive" thing about any of this is the shit where they pretend that the robot has thoughts, and that it says something about "my truth." But, of course, nobody has truth. It's not something you can possess. Truths and falsehoods are impersonal. 
   Robots are apparently shitty at philosophy.*

* Anybody want to bet on whether I get fired for saying this in 20 years? 
Trick question! I'll get fired for saying something else waaay before that... #PHILOSOPHYISDEAD #STUPIDROBOTS #HASHTAGSAREIDIOTIC


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