Tuesday, May 28, 2019

One Of My Favorite Op-Ed Genres: The Mean Red Team Won So I'm Movin' T' FRANCE!

Or Cananda.
Or in this case, the UK.
These are just tantrums--embarrassing, cringe-inducing tantrums. How many liberals/progressives have actually, d'ya think, moved to a different country because they lost an election? Gup has already been living and/or working in the UK, and already had a visa a year ago...d'ya really think he hadn't been thinking about moving there anyway? For non-political reasons? He also whines about Brexit. If his objections are genuinely political, why go somewhere having what ought to be, by his lights, similar problems? (or "problems") Why not the lefties' traditional refuge, France-or-Canada?
And how delusional do you have to be to think that Trump has so changed the country that it's "barely recognizable"? By doing what, exactly? Rolling back and resisting the nutty, extremist changes the left has recently tried to impose on us? Enforcing immigration laws? What?
As a person, Trump oughtn't to be anywhere near the Oval Office. Gah.
But his policies haven't been, in the main, all that bad. They've largely consisted of refusing to go along with extremist proposals (or demands...) from our newly-radicalized, illiberal left.
Honestly, I have little patience with this genre. Our forebears died at Cold Harbor and Normandy for jackasses like you to run away from Trump? They stayed here through Jim Crowe? They marched in Selma? You can't endure a boorish asshat in the White House?
Go, then. Who needs ya?


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