Thursday, May 23, 2019

More On The Radicalization Of The Blue Team: "Obama Without Obama-ism: Dems Embrace The Ex-President But Not His Policies"

What was liberal four years ago is insufficiently radical today.
This is part of what's dangerous about the left, IMO: it thinks that, if I want to keep things the way they are, and you want them to change, it's a kind of toss-up. It fails to recognize that change should be undertaken cautiously, with the expectation that it won't work. The status quo should get presumption. Unless it's overtly and undeniably bad. But not every disagreement is like the civil rights movement.
If you think that we need a mad dash to the left from Obama's policies, you've lost it, man.
OTOH: if the Pubs had not so ruthlessly opposed everything Obama tried to do, I doubt we'd be in as bad a fix as we are now. On the other other hand, the ACA was a gigantic change.
Eh, my $0.02.


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