Saturday, May 18, 2019

MoJo: Previously Unreleased Poll Shows AL Voters Disapprove Of Extreme Abortion Ban

Not surprising:
Alabama is a conservative, pro-life state, but most voters there actually don’t support banning abortion in cases of rape and incest. A poll conducted last year but never before released showed that just 31 percent of voters in Alabama support banning abortion in all cases, while 65 percent of voters oppose banning abortion in cases of rape and incest.
Also not surprising:
“It’s a self-inflicted political pain for Republicans, not just in Alabama but frankly across the country,” says Zac McCrary, a Democratic pollster based in Montgomery, Alabama. Now, he says, Republicans have to be prepared to take a position on the issue of rape and incest exceptions—something they were probably hoping to avoid. Already, we’ve seen Trump and other Republicans in Washington trying to thread that needle, expressing broad support for banning abortions while not backing the Alabama law.


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