Thursday, May 30, 2019

FWIW I'm Disgusted By The Reactions To Meller's Comments

From the right: this shows that we were right all along, Mueller sucks, and we're about to nail the attempted deep-state coup.
From the left: this shows that we were right all along and Mueller never exonerated Trump of anything and we're two years behind on impeachment already WTF?
I honestly can't tell what's going on. I don't see how Mueller said anything new. I'm not even sure why he said anything at all. What am I missing?
But looking at the reactions this morning...kinda made me feel a little sick. The two sides seem to be spinning farther and farther into their preferred respective fantasy worlds on this issue. Of course it'd be almost miraculous if each were exactly as delusional as the other... So that's not what I'm saying.
A recurring theme: more and more I realize that I have no earthly clue what is going on. 
There are some culture-war issues that I understand really, really well. I understand what's going on there. 
But with respect to more run-of-the-mill policy and political issues, though I'm a lot more well-informed than your average 'Merican in the street, I just cannot figure out what's going on. I see an extraordinary degree of certainty on each side...but the facts don't seem to warrant either of them.
I just don't trust Trump, and tend to agree that he ought to be doing more to respond to the (admittedly, lame-ass) Russian efforts to interfere with our elections. But the blue team has kinda flipped its shit, and I recognize that more and more clearly all the time. As I've acknowledged: Trump'll do that to ya...but flipped shit is flipped shit. And Trump's reaction to the TDS and false accusations...well...kinda understandable. I've long thought that it's as if the blue team thinks: The president ought to be able to deal with flipped shit with rationality and grace!...Obama did! And I agree. But I also agree that it's crazy to basically try to win politically by driving a not-all-that-stable president over the edge with your own crazy. I'm just plain disgusted by both sides, and I'm kinda losing interest in trying to figure out which side is worse.
   One thing that bums me out is that there are probably people out there who understand the legal and policy issues as clearly as I understand some of the culture-war issues...but I can't even figure out who they are without investing more time and energy than I have right now.


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