Saturday, May 18, 2019

Damon Root: "The Supreme Court Probably Won't Kill Roe Yet"

I sure was stupid wrong about this.
At least, if Root is right, we may not be facing quick, radical change at the federal level.
One thing often suggested is private, charitable donations to fund travel for poor women in states like Alabama to states with less-restrictive laws.
Not that I know what to think about the morality of abortion, for I do not. Which is largely why I think we should default to the judgment of the woman in question. She's living in the relevant facts and I'm not. And without clear and overriding arguments for impermissibility, I can't favor substantial restrictions. Make your arguments to the woman if you like, by all means. The arguments against abortion are not insubstantial. Make the case. Then she makes the call.
There's extremism on the other side, too, as we saw recently with the Northam comments...but..but… But what? But I don't know what.
I've been using politics as a way of escaping from the ridiculous train wreck of my craptastic so-called scholarship...but now I'm thinking what I really need is a break from this. That steaming pile of "book manuscript" is starting to look pretty good by comparison...


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