Friday, May 24, 2019

Allen et al.: "Doing Better In Arguments About Sex, Gender And Trans Rights"

This is pretty good. 
I don't buy radical feminism (though actually I've heard Reilly-Cooper make some pretty interesting arguments for an unusually compelling version of the view). And I continue to be annoyed that, basically, only radical and "gender-critical" feminists are allowed to publicly criticize trans ideology/mythology. But, still: good to see people standing up to the efforts to shout down dissent. Most of the best arguments coming from this quarter aren't peculiar to radical feminism. They do also deploy various men suck arguments, but those can just be ignored. 
   The argument over transgender ideology/mythology is over, logically speaking. Attempts to argue that women can be male and men can be female never really got off the ground at all in that sense--the important sense. They were complete and total failures from the get-go. Trans mythology continues to rule currently in the cultural superstructure because it's part of the overall web of prevailing progressive dogma; it's sustained rhetorically by the political power of progressivism. It survives only because it became politically correct to believe it (or pretend to), and it'll be sustained only by political commitment and whatever force of convention the left can manage to generate before the political (in fact: quasi-religious) fervor begins to fade away. 
   A lot hangs on the Dems attempt to pass the "Equality Act," because I doubt the shrieky fervor propping up the myth can last all that much longer. It's starting to undermine women's sports, and it shouldn't be too long before the massive wave of blowback from the sexual maiming of children hits. I'd also expect that, if a whole lot of dudes actually start actually showing up in women's restrooms and locker rooms, that'll accelerate the blowback process. So it's important for progressives to get the mythology ensconced in the law pretty soon, making it more difficult to dislodge. Because ten years from now this is all going to look like Satanic-Panic-level mass hysteria. 
   Anyway, props to Allen et al. for doing this. Everyone who speaks out publicly gets brutally dogpiled by the trans cult and progressives generally. So it's a nontrivial thing to do.


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