Tuesday, April 23, 2019

"Why Was It So Uncomfortable To Watch Arya's Sex Scene In Game Of Thrones?"

Yeah, it wasn't.
Well, maybe a little unexpected or disorienting at first...but hardly so much as to warrant space in the Washington Post...
But here's the real cringe:
With Arya, the awkwardness stems partly from a lack of information about her gender identity and sexual orientation. Throughout the show, the audience is left to wonder: Does Arya identify as a woman? Is she queer? Does she like guys, or girls, or both? Perhaps viewers are still not completely comfortable not having answers to those questions. And they did not expect answers to come via an abrupt and completely unexpected sex scene.
LOL "gender identity." I mean...this person is obviously and factually and undeniably a woman...but...does she identify as one? In twenty years, people are going to look back on this and shake their heads in astonishment. Old people are going to have to explain this shit to kids. "Well, uh, thing was, the progressive bit of society lost its mind and pretended to believe that you could change your sex just by saying so...so they pretended to think that these were intelligible questions...uh...yeah...it didn't make any sense back then, either..."


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