Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Two Dead, Four Injured In UNC-Charlotte Shooting; Suspect In Custody

   Apparently he was apprehended after he ran out of ammunition.
   I tend to be on the pro-firearm side of the debate, but one of the arguments on our side that drive me crazy is when pro-firearm types argue that magazine size doesn't matter (usually: because mags can be changed so quickly).
   Yeah, bullshit. I love my high-capacity mags, and have no intention of ever giving them up--but there's simply no doubt that smaller mags would tend to make shootings like this less deadly. For one thing, the shooter might not have extra mags. But if he does, and each of them holds fewer rounds than it might have, then, again, his effectiveness decreases. (For one thing, he has fewer total rounds than he might have.). And I wouldn't want to have to take down someone by hand in the short window provided by them changing magazines...but that'd be a helluva lot better than the alternative, which is: trying to do it while they still have rounds in the mag. Also, these jackasses aren't exactly Delta operators--they're not changing mags like John Wick or anything. They're likely to be slow and awkward.
   None of which means that I favor magazine capacity restrictions.


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