Monday, April 01, 2019

The "#MeToo" Double Standard

I've long been fond of Biden, despite his loopiness. Of course that was before he got all #w0ke! and shit and started emitting gibberish about the evil white man's "juridical culture." Whatever that meant.
If anything.
But you gotta admit: if anybody on the red team were as gropey as he is, they'd have been hateshrieked off the public stage loooong ago for #wrongtouch!.
Not to mention the fact that, current craziness aside, it really is a bit creepy. I mean: one of the many insanities infecting the contemporary left is a jihad against touching anyone, ever without prior "consent." I've seen more than one screed to the effect that the time-honored method touching people on the shoulder when trying to get past them from behind in a crowd (e.g. a bar where it's too loud to really get their attention vocally) is TOTALLY LIKE RAPE. ("WHO EVEN DOES THAT???" one participant in the discussion asked. Uhh...who doesn't?) So...that's all nuts, obviously... But damn there is a whole lot of distance between that insanity and Biden's gropiness.
It's a sign of sickness that people are so uptight about obviously casual, incidental, and friendly touching. But damn, Joe, you go a bit far.


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