Monday, April 29, 2019

Paul Starr: "Trump's Second Term Would Cause Irreversible Damage" / "...It's Effects Would Be...Durable"

The first was the title at Real Clear Politics...dunno whether the Atlantic changed it to it down or RCP spiced it up.
I found nothing cited by Starr to be terrifying.
   As for a conservative court: I currently fear a progressive court much more. A conservative court might weaken the governments powers over labor and the economy...but that wouldn't necessarily be bad. And curtailing misuse of the interstate commerce clause would be good. A progressive court, on the other hand, would be likely to do much more damage, e.g. undermining both the First and Second Amendments. A conservative court might be suboptimal, but, given the way things currently stand, it would be far less likely to be catastrophic. Even if Roe were overturned--and it won't be--the relevant decisions about abortion merely revert to the states.
   I no longer accept climate hysteria, so those considerations don't move me. I do think we should be concerned about AGW...but my current position is that it's less pressing than the left wants us to believe. And the inclusion of nonsense like "free" college in the Green New Deal shows that progressives actually agree. If they really believed that the apocalypse  was upon us the GND would look very different.
   Nuclear proliferation is a concern. But Trump's failing to secure an agreement with North Korea doesn't make the problem any worse. As for the INF treaty: Russia was cheating. Trump's decision may not have been optimal, but it wasn't crazy.
   And I don't see Trump as any sort of threat to democracy. Trump's the output of democracy. And his opponents seem to be bigger threats. They've been trying to overturn the '16 election for two years.
   I don't want another Trump presidency. The idea gives me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But it...probably...wouldn't be the end of the world. Right now, it seems fairly clear to me that we'd be better off rolling the dice on another four years of the Unindicted Co-Conspirator-in-Chief than going with the Dems. The Dems are riding the progressive crazy train; there is no doubt whatsoever that, if they are in power, they'll implement a fair bit of far-left crackpottery. And I think that a progressive court, given the left's radical lurch to antiliberalism, would be a catastrophe. Even Biden has had to swing left, yammering about "white man's culture" and whatnot. Given the state of the party, even a relative moderate would sweep a hoarde of extremist progressives into the bureaucracy. After the fever breaks, we can consider putting the blue team in power again. But, currently, keeping them out is extremely important...even given what that leaves us with.


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