Sunday, April 14, 2019

More On Trump's Threat To Dump Illegals On Sanctuary Cities

Same argument.
Still seems to me like a shitty, Trumpesque thing to do...though I'm not exactly sure why.
OTOH, I think the "sanctuary" stuff is nuts, I wish it were illegal, and I agree that the outrage on the left makes it clear that its adoration of illegals is not entirely sincere.
The Mayor Oakland, California, Libby Schaaf, who made news last year by tipping off illegal alien criminals to ICE raids, shared her sentiments, which are common among the left. About the Post story, Schaaf said it was “(a)n outrageous abuse of power — using human beings to settle political scores. Our President wants to punish everyone; those who seek sanctuary in our country and those who provide it.”
   Schaaf went so far as to call the idea “illegal, immoral, undemocratic, and racist,” though didn’t explain how. Granted, no one wants to move to Oakland, but how it’s racist remains a mystery.
   In her local TV appearance, Schaaf repeated the standard lie that illegal immigrants “actually makes our city better and safer.” If that were so, why is she so outraged? Shouldn’t this idea be greeted with tickertape parades? Oakland isn’t exactly a safe city, the opportunity to reduce crime by importing people with higher moral character than the average American should be a net-plus, right?
   The truth is illegal immigrants are a net drain on society. These aren’t people with PhDs and piles of seed money looking to create the next great start-up, they’re largely people who can’t speak English, with little to know education; many are illiterate in their native language. They will become the servant class for the liberal elite and their wealthy donors. More importantly to the left, they will be dependent on government.
   Of course such "sanctuary" places might argue that they will be overrun--that this will bring too many illegals to their area. That's not a weightless response, if true. But I'm skeptical.
   We bring in an astonishing number of legal immigrants every year, and unwillingly take in an astonishing number of illegal ones. It is permissible to have reasonable immigration restrictions. And it is reasonable to insist that people come into the country legally. We want to help refugees from violence--and we do. But we can only do so much. And there are other countries where they could go. We have to draw the line somewhere. It is daft to declare that your city, county, or state won't cooperated with immigration enforcement. Trump's Trump. But--as seems to be more and more common--his Trumpian looniness seems outweighed by the looniness of the other side.


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