Sunday, April 14, 2019

Media Exaggerates Woman's Role In Photographing Black Hole; People Point This Out; They Are Then Characterized As Evil Sexist Trolllzz

Look, this is freakin' cool, boss, and no matter how big or how small her role is, it's more significant than anything I'll ever do.
But it looks as if the media did, yet again, seize on and exaggerate the role played by a woman because she's a woman.
And if you're gonna do that, you deserve to get busted for it.
I'm sure there are some shitty trolls in the mix...but mostly the complaint seems to be that the media got caught lying yet again in yet another way that was aimed at advancing the progressive "narrative."
None of which is to say that Bouman doesn't deserve big props, because she does, she does--like every other member of the team.


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