Thursday, April 18, 2019

Georgetown Students Tax Themselves To Pay Reparations

I don't have a really fixed position on reparations.
But I am inclined to think that this kind of thing at universities is bad--and indicative of the way the left views power.
If some students want to pay toward reparations, each is free to do so. In fact, each may pay as much as he wants--more, in fact, than he can really afford, if that's what he chooses to do.  Imposing a requirement, however, on those who disagree is a different matter. It's hard for me to see the arguments as being clear enough to warrant coercing others. Sufficient respect for the opinions of the naysayers ought to make reparations advocates prefer paying twice as much to forcing the reasonable opposition to do something they consider unjust.
In general, I've come to expect that, as soon as the left gets enough votes to enforce its whimsical preferences on others, they're as good as imposed. Perhaps the right's no better, but it's not as prominently power-mad and expansively totalitarian right now. Eh, maybe that's wrong. But our lefty faculty tried passing a faculty senate resolution forcing us all to use each students' "preferred pronouns"... Better get used to that, incidentally...versions of such laws are already emerging. If you think there won't be a push to impose such fantastical modes of reference on us all, yer dreamin'.


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