Friday, April 12, 2019

Dems Are About To Pass A Law Legally Conflating Sex and "Gender Identity"

This is why I've left the Democrats behind--or they've left me. 
Progressivism, as I've opined, has evolved into something like a quasi-religious cult. And it's working frantically to re-engineer society in accordance with its superstitions. And it's basically taken over the Democrats.
The creepiest thing about all this--and there are many creepy things about it--is that so many people I respect don't see anything wrong with any of this. Worse, they cheer it on. 
Contra that article, I don't think that men pretending to be women and invading e.g. women's restrooms and locker rooms is the main problem. The main problem is that the theory isn't true. And isn't even approximately true...and it's being imposed on us by political zealots. A person's sex is not the same thing as their subjective preferences, hopes, feelings nor beliefs about their sex--any more than a person's subjective preferences, hopes, feelings, or beliefs about his height are the same thing as his height.
Incidentally, I've been saying this would happen, as have Jordan Peterson et al. For years people have been arguing that we should simply ignore the truth and be nice..."why not just call people what they want to be called?" Well, first, because I have no obligation to say false things just because you ask me to. Second, because you're not asking, you're telling. And third: it's always been predictable that there would be a push to make all this mandatory--first socially, then legally. 
So get ready to speak in accordance with legally-imposed genderific Newspeak. Big Sibling will be watching...and


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