Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bruce Fein: "Unseemly, Censurable, But Not Impeachable"

This seems reasonable to me, though I don't think anyone who isn't a Constitutional lawyer (or something similar) could really evaluate it, even though it's just s short, popular piece. Somebody like me lacks the collateral knowledge required to really evaluate such arguments.
   My initial reaction was, basically: if you try to do something which would obstruct (in the ordinary sense of 'obstruct') justice, then you obstructed justice. But that was a stupid thing to think. This is a legal question. I'm just not qualified to speak on it. If I'd really known what I was saying, I might not have predicted, as I did, that Trump was probably innocent of collusion, but guilty of obstruction.
   I also don't know whether Fein is right or not about what's needed for impeachment.
   So, really, all I can say is: sounds reasonable. So, roughly: he doesn't say anything stupid enough that I can tell it's stupid.


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