Sunday, April 28, 2019

Behold, The WaPo: ThiS HAshTaG KiLLs 'n' SurELy iT's THe EnD Of DRUMPfffff!!!!1111

Here's a good window into the contemporary Washington Post:
  • Reduced to commenting on social media
  • Twitter no less
  • A "hashtag" no less
  • A variation on its SNL strategy: reports on some pop culture nonsense ridiculing Trump as if it were news; allows the Post to criticize Trump while pretending to report
  •  Also reports on another "tweet"...from later the same day as the first...claiming that, since the "hashtag" was still "trending"--nearly twelve hours later!!!--the nickname had stuck!!!1111
All that's missing:
  • Declare victory in 2020
"Deranged Donald" isn't even a very good insulting nickname. It's certainly no Little Mario, Lyin' Ted or Pocahontas*...
   I'm not really sure it's possible to beat Trump at this game. It seems to work because the nicknames are just so damn stupid and juvenile. They work--I'm making this up, obviously--by striking a blow against their targets' dignity...but they can't really be defended against, since to do so would be even farther beneath their dignity. ("I'm not that little!" isn't going to work...) So they've got to either suffer it in silence or make things worse. 
   Trump is such a mess and is so little dignified that I'm just not sure this will work against him. To call him deranged is already to blow it--if, that is, you're trying to out-Trump him. 'Deranged' is already too serious. What you'd need here is something more on the order of 'dopey'--'Dopey Donald' is the right kind of thing...though not a great one, in particular. 
   Anyway...twitter liberals and the WaPo can congratulate themselves on this all day long, but it's just not very good.
   It's probably no secret that I find this tactic of Trump's really stupid and revolting. As usual, however, the left found a way to make itself look, if anything, even dumber. If you're going to stoop to Trump's level, you best win the point. Otherwise you've stooped and you look pathetic, foolish and desperate. 

*Though, of course, the really hilarious nickname for Warren, Fauxcahontas, isn't Trump's


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