Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Authorities To Arrest Father If He Refers To His "Trans" Daughter As 'She'--In Public Or In Private

I almost can't believe something this patently insane is actually happening.
SHE'S A GIRL. Her father is being threatened with jail for speech--specifically for REFERRING TO HIS DAUGHTER ACCURATELY. 
Nobody had even heard about this lunacy ten years ago...now people are being jailed for refusing to pay lip service to it--and being forced to stand by while their children are sexually mutilated.
And: I'm not certain that the First Amendment will save us from some similar insanity if progressives get a majority back on SCOTUS. 
And neither are you.
Yet another reason I don't think I can vote for a Democrat again unless/until this hard left madness passes--if it ever does.
What got me on the warpath about this stuff was just how patently, absurdly false it is to say that women can be male and men can be female. I wasn't terribly interested in any practical consequences...but Jesus Christ...this shit is turning into some kind of dystopian nightmare.
Actually, there's a pretty good chance that what he's really being punished for is thoughtcrime.


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