Monday, March 04, 2019

Washingtonpost: Trump Has Made 9,014 False Or Misleading Claims In 773 Days

Well, the Post has become nearly as full of crap as Trump, as you can confirm by reading the column. Eh...that's an exaggeration. But it's bad. The Post's "fact checking" has, IMO, become something of an embarrassment. I was noting yesterday that progressives either don't understand when Trump is joking or pretend that they don't. Right on cue the Post treats Trump's joke about wind power as a serious and misleading claim.
   Also, the Post's attempted debunking of the claim that 1 in 3 illegal immigrant women is sexually assaulted on the trip north is rather thin gruel. Too bad it's rarely shown as much interest in scrutinizing the 1 in 4 figure about sexual assault at universities...
   My rule of thumb has been: treat the left-leaning fact-checkers as being about half-right. 4,507 false or misleading claims still boggles the mind. He just seems to have no regard for the truth. He just says words. That fact that the other side is also detached from reality doesn't change the fact that Trump doesn't. The guy, as I may have mentioned, has no business being president. His only qualification is: he's not the other guys. Which...well...IMO is not inconsequential...


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