Sunday, March 03, 2019

Julian Vigo: Confronting A New Threat To Female Athletics

All this craziness, and these insane efforts to move incoherent conceptual pieces (e.g. "gender identity") around on the board in accordance with semi-coherent rules could be avoided simply by: (i) sticking to a reasonable and consistent sex/gender distinction (where the sexes are the biological kinds man and woman, and the genders are the behavioral categories masculine and feminine), (ii) recognizing that men's and women's sports are segregated by sex, not gender, and (iii) rejecting the daft metaphysical claims of transgender ideology: it is impossible for a man to become a woman (or vice-versa) until we have the medical technology change males into females (or vice-versa)...which we currently do not have.
   By allowing leftist transgender ideology to control our public discussion, and allowing it to run the true and reasonable views off the table with shrill and unwarranted accusations of "transphobia," we set up a situation in which we have to argue against a daft theory by using the daft rules that generated that theory in the first place. The point is that the theory of transgenderism advocated by the left is simply and obviously false. Get that bit straight, and the rest of this is easy. Fail to get that straight and you've either got to accept all the counter-realist consequences of that error, or spend the rest of your days making bad faith arguments using the crazy rules and incoherent conceptual categories that generated the problem in the first place.


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